Gochugaru – Pepper Flakes

Lakehouse Farms / Bloomsburg, PA

Gochugaru - Pepper Flakes

고춧가루—Korean red chili pepper flakes—are the heart of Korean cooking and the centerpiece of Lakehouse Farms. 


Started from seed in early spring, peppers are transplanted to organic fields where they slowly ripen to perfection. In the fall, they are hand-picked and sun-dried. The process is laborious, but this attention to detail maximizes the bold flavor of 고춧가루, which enhances everything from kimchi to meats and pastas.

Without the application of chemical sprays, many of the peppers are lost to pests, but this sacrifice—along with thousands of hours of hand labor—is part of the process. Only the strongest, healthiest plants produce, resulting in the highest-quality 고춧가루 possible. 


Bring the gift of all-natural produce and unforgettable flavors back to your table with Lakehouse Farms.